Successful funding through a kickstarter campaign


Jenny Berg is a chocolate fan from Umeå who owns one of the few bean to bar factories in Sweden. Together with her employees, they handle the whole process from purchasing cocoa beans up to the production of chocolate. Her challenge was the great costs of developing and launching new products.


In close cooperation with Jenny, Tensaii proposed to launch a crowdfunding campaign through kickstarter in order to raise capital to buy a machine that Jenny needed in order to create a new and innovative vegan product made from organic and locally-grown oats.


A successful crowdfunding campaign that gathered
SEK 164,000! The campaign created PR value over
SEK 100,000 in newspaper articles, lectures, etc. The campaign reached all the way to the European Parliament where Anna Corazza Bildt visited Jenny in her factory. The end result contributed to the successful launch of the new innovative product.

Read more about this campaign. (Links in Swedish)

Uminova Innovation – Lyckad gräsrotsfinansiering

Food  Supply – Lyckad crowdfunding för havrechoklad



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"Tensaii creates structure and smart strategies that really works!"

– Jenny Berg, founder of ChokladJenny and Vintage Plantations

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