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Legal guardians have an important role in society as they help people that cannot take care of their own economy. At the end of each year, the legal guardian creates an report that specify how and when the money have been used. Many legal guardians find this to be a tricky and stressful process. Carina Fredriksson turned to Tensaii to come up with a way to make the process easier and workable.


To understand what issues and problems there was and to see what needs there were, we conducted interviews with legal guardians by doing this we were able to analyse how the process of working with accounting and the annual report. From these user studies we knew that we needed to focus on during our design process and development.


We developed the digital service Galant Ekonomi. Our focus have been on creating a design and interface that would be easy to use and have actions that would be well suited for user needs. We also created a webpage for the service with a layout and language that clearly shows the benefits of Galant Ekonomi

We are still working with Carina and helping her with strategies to meet future needs.

Web development | Strategy | Analysis

"I'm looking forward to our continued work and I warmly recommend their services"

Carina Fredriksson – Galant Ekonomi

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