Happy Economy

Storytelling and script


The business concept of Happy Economy is that happy people create happy and successful businesses. They offer methods and working methods to get there. They sought a way of communicating this in a simple and informative way.


We found that a suitable way to convey this was through an animated film. We produced a proposal for a script and from there we sketched out a story about the company that would give viewers a happy and lovely experience.


A short animated film describing the company's basic values and purpose in 30 seconds. The film is used as a way to describe the main core of the business, on the website and in lectures. It has given the company a good start and a positive feeling about the company and their offer.

Storytelling | Script | Infographic | Animation

"How nice it turned out! I think it is wonderful that we can use a positive and happy film that tells the story about us... this turned out great!"

Annelie Johansson – CEO Happy Economy

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