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Thermotech Scandinavia AB develop, manufacture, project, sell and deliver complete customized heating and plumbing systems. They are located throughout Sweden and have subsidiaries in Finland and Russia. To work effectively and offer their employees a good working situation they saw the need of an overhaul and analysis of the digital tools and software that they were using at the company.


In order to create as much understanding as possible of Thermotech and how the work is done we did a digital mapping by conducting interviews with employees. The interviews gave us insight and we could analyse the current situation and see what areas needed improvement. To know at what areas we should focus we held a workshop on impact mapping together with employees. 

It is important to find a solution that the entire company wants to work on and improve. Impact mapping is a great tool and method for achieving this goal.


By the user studies that we conducted and the workshop we held we were able to find areas that would improve different areas at Thermotech that could be improved. We gathered it all in a structured a well written manual.

Anders Andersson VD at Thermotech says “The things that we have implemented have enabled better communication between our different offices. We are more efficient and it has improved our work environment”

User research | Strategy | Analysis

“We are really happy with Tensaii who helped us understand how we can create a digital ecosystem that support innovation, communication and growth”

Anders Andersson, CEO – Thermotech

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